Controlled DC Nutrunners (handheld)

Highly accurate, transducerized controlled nutrunners are an essential part of today’s industrial production. These tools can keep tight torque specifications and document their results. Networking with external devices or networks is possible, i.e. with line control, computer data bases or socket selection trays. These tools can work with different parameters which can also be selected externally.

Gesteuerte EC-Systeme (handgehalten)

Gesteuerte EC-Systeme (stationär)

Controlled DC Nutrunners (fixtured)

We offer a wide selection of highly productive, durable and accurate fixtured nutrunners. They can be built into machines or used as fixtured handheld tools.


There are two controllers from Ingersoll Rand for the whole range of DC nutrunners. The IC1D model (Display) has a colour display and a key pad for directly configuring the controller. The IC1M model (Module) is a “blind” controller saving your cost. Both controllers have the same features and can be part of a one channel installation up to a huge network of handhelds and power head multi spindles. They are also available with a variety of interfaces. Powerful software packages take care of setup, documentation and networking.

MINT GmbH Schraubsteuerung



We can offer you handheld single or multi spindle nutrunners up to stationary machines for fastening applications. Our wide selection of nutrunners and controllers can solve any fastening job.

ProGlove – intelligent glove for industry

With its intelligent glove and integrated barcode scanner, ProGlove connects the worker’s manpower with the industry.
Whether complex production steps on the assembly line or small parts picking in the warehouse, every second counts in industrial operations to improve processes. ProGlove’s smart glove replaces the conventional gun scanner. This enables the operator in production and logistics to work freehand and thus more efficiently, safely and ergonomically.

MINT GmbH Proglove MARK2