Torque Measuring Systems

For your quality control we carry a wide selection of torque measuring and testing equipment. We have simple torque checkers, rotary and stationary transducers, data acquisition systems or complete customer designed measuring equipment. The following program from the manufacturer Norbar contains transducers, testers and other measuring equipment.



Pulse Tool Testers

The special characteristic of pulse tools requires special testing equipment. Our testers are designed to test and document the performance of pulse tools. With their built in joint simulator they make pulse tool testing very easy and reproducible. These are perfect testers for laboratory and service shop.

Measuring Cart

Customized measuring carts for regular tool inspection are an essential part of today’s manufacturing quality control. We put together the measuring equipment that suit your needs and take our mobile light weight cart or design a stationary torque centre for you.


For the documentation of your regular tool inspection, for planning of tests and the respective tool history we have specially designed software that is already introduced to car manufacturers and other customers. This powerful software manages your tools and documents your inspections according to ISO requirements. It is available in different languages.

Messwagen / Software


Torque Wrenches

Digital and mechanical torque wrenches are an integral part of today’s assembly and quality control despite the wide use of automated systems or power tools. We offer here a wide range of torque wrenches (digital, click, gauged, cordless transmitting types etc.) from Tohnichi, one of the leading manufacturers.