Pulse Tools

are highly productive and ergonomic fastening tools. They produce virtually no reaction, so you don’t need reaction bars or fixtures. They are also very fast bringing you high productivity. Shut off and non-shut off tools are available.


Shut off Pulse Tools:
Designs: Pistol/Angle/Straight
Range: 2.5-850 N.m

Impulsschrauber ohne Abschaltung

Non Shut off Pulse Tools:
Designs: Pistol/Angle/Straight
Range: 3.5-850 N.m

Gesteuerte Impulsschrauber

Controlled Pulse Tools:
Designs: Pistol/Straight
Range: up to 600 N.m

Winkel- und Drehschrauber

Angle Nutrunners and Screw Drivers

Constant drive angle nutrunners or screw drivers are high precision fastening tools with a very good repeatability. Whether in the electronic industry or car manufacturing, these tools ensure a high level of quality in your production.

Impact Tools

are robust tools for a variety of applications. You will find the right tool in our wide selection. Impact tools can apply high torques and are therefore widely used for assembly, disassembly and maintenance jobs. Their good power to weight ratio is highly appreciated in the service business.



Gear & Ratchet Wrenches

These tools are used where access space is limited. Open end gear wrenches are used for tube nut applications. Ratchet wrenches are good for difficult to reach spaces.

Fixtures Nutrunner

For the special requirements of an automated production fixtured air wrenches with mechanical shut off are available. They are triggered externally and have a robust design. These durable and precise nutrunners are an ideal alternative where expensive electric nutrunners are not needed.