Electric Screw Drivers

Electrical screw drivers with shut off clutch are used in a wide area of industrial assembly. Without the need for expensive air supply they allow for a quick and cost effective way to realize assembly workstations. Their proven shut off mechanism makes sure that all fastening applications are carried out with the needed accuracy and precision. We have also special models for ESD sensitive applications.


MINT URYU Akku-Drehschrauber

Battery screw drivers

Battery screw drivers with their precision shut off clutch are the most flexible tools in modern assembly. They can be used in a variety of applications. Our battery screw drivers have brushless motors which on the pistol type tools can be adjusted in speed. This way they can be set up to meet individual requirements.

Battery Pulse Tools

are highly productive and ergonomic fastening tools. They produce virtually no reaction, so you don’t need reaction bars or fixtures. They are also very fast bringing you high productivity. Shut off and non-shut off tools are available. The battery power supply makes them unrivalled in flexibility of their use. We have the most powerful tools on the market in our program.


MINT Multiple Battery Charger

MINT Akku-Mehrfach-Ladestationen

The new MINT multiple battery charger can handle battery packs of many different tool manufacturers. The electronic adjusts to the different packs and charges NiCd/NiMH/Li-Ion/Li-Po batteries efficiently and in a way that battery life time is improving. The new multiple chargers are fanless and have low power consumption. Two types are available. The adapters for the batteries are changeable so that one charger can be equipped with other adapters in case the batteries used will change.